Making a Will ensures you can leave clear instructions about how you wish your estate to be distributed when you pass away. It gives you peace of mind that the right people (your chosen executors) will be carrying out your wishes upon your death.

If you are a parent with children under the age of 18, a Will allows you to appoint the guardians whom you wish to take care of your children should the worst occur. You can also include financial arrangements to be added the arrangement.

A Will also allows you to leave certain bequests to an individual such as jewellery, cash or other named items.

If you die without leaving a Will (dying intestate) this would mean that your loved ones would have to apply for “Letters of Administration”. This can be time consuming and expensive. It could mean a lot of hassle for your loved ones to take on whilst trying to come to terms with no longer having you around.

Dying without a will in place could also mean that your estate would be subject to intestacy rules and may not go to the people who you would otherwise had chosen should you have made a Will.